Replacing Your Garage Remotes with a Smartphone.

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Are Garage Door Remotes Obsolete?

Garage Door Remote won't work

Probably not yet but they are certainly heading that way. Garage door remotes have some serious limitations that are only going to get worse time goes by.

Radio interference and limited range

As our homes have become more dependent on wireless technology, garage door remotes have struggled to compete. Many remotes now function with less than half the range they did just a few years ago. Most customers need to be almost on top of their garage door for the remotes to work.

In fact, many opener brands have already identified this trend and have begun implementing multiple frequency remotes in their newest products. However, this solution is just moving the problem a few years down the road.

Smartphones have virtually unlimited range

A recent Pew survey revealed that 77% of US adults own a smartphone, and when narrowed to adults under the age of 49, that number is over 90%.

Coupled with increasing 4G coverage, (over 90% in the US – smartphones have virtually unlimited range and its a device most people already own.

Open, close and monitor your garage door from anywhere

Has any of this ever happened to you?

  • Left the house in a hurry, distracted by the kids, running late and getting halfway there before wondering if the garage door was closed?
  • Get home form a long day and the garage door is already open? Did you leave it open? Was it open all day?
  • Laying in bed wondering if someone remembered to shut the garage door?
  • Woke up in the morning to a wide open garage door and the realization that it was open all night?
  • Been at work wondering if the kids got home? Did they close the door behind them?

These issues can be easily addressed with a smartphone enabled garage door opener. Chamberlain’s MyQ technology allows you to set alerts for when the door is opened, closed, or has been open too long or open too late. You now have more control of your door than ever before and you have that control from anywhere you can take your phone.

MyQ Alert Options

Garage door remotes had a good run, and they will hang on for a while longer, but their days are numbered. Smartphones are just a better way to operate your door.

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