5 Things You Should Know About Replacing Garage Door Springs

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5 Things To Know About Garage Door Springs

1. Wholesale Cost

Garage door springs themselves are fairly inexpensive. Most springs can be ordered online for around $50-$80 for the set. Even high cycle or galvanized springs only cost a few dollars more per spring. Spring material or size are not the main factor in determining the overall cost of repairs. That would be labor and marketing costs.

2. Cycle Life

Cycle life is the estimated performance lifetime of the garage door spring. Standard springs are designed for 10,000 cycles. One cycle = one open and closing of the garage door. When a door closes, its springs are put under great tension. When the door is opened again, the springs are relaxed. This cycling between tension and relaxing causes the metal in the springs to wear. Eventually the metal weakens and a spring breaks. A high-cycle spring is simply a spring with more than the standard number of cycles. Note that hi-cycle springs are only slightly more expensive than standard springs and it requires no additional labor to install them.

Its important to note that galvanizing or powder coating springs do not increase a spring’s cycle life. These are rust prevention techniques that may help prevent premature failure in highly corrosive environments (proximity to salt water, pool chemicals, etc). The only way to increase a springs cycle life is by changing the physical dimensions of the spring (length, wire gauge and coil diameter).

3. Galvanized Springs

Galvanized springs are an excellent choice when appearance is important, or when operating in highly corrosive environments. Unfortunately, galvanized garage door springs lose tension over time and must be adjusted often. This is because of the way galvanized coils are made. Due to the galvanizing process, these springs cannot be tempered after coiling, which reduces durability. If galvanized springs are not properly adjusted often, premature opener wear or failure will occur and the door may be difficult to open manually.

4. Replace the Garage Springs in Pairs

Its uncommon for both garage door springs to fail at the same time but both springs should be replaced anyway. Remember that springs are designed for a certain estimated service life. When one spring breaks, it is because the metal has worn to the point of failure. Its partner has the same number of cycles and will likely fail soon. Also remember that labor is the biggest factor in the spring repair cost, and the labor is the same whether one or both springs are replaced.

5. Up-Front Garage Spring Prices

There is really no reason a repair company cannot give you pricing up front. At the very least, a price range can be given if the repair company bases the pricing on spring size. The important thing to remember is that labor is the main factor when determining the repair price, and the labor is the same for almost all residential garage doors. A huge red flag is a repair company that is unwilling to quote pricing over the phone but will happily beat a competitors price if you indicate you already have prices. Insist on transparent, up-front pricing or refuse to set an appointment.


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